Women Desire Sex When Drunk than Sober!

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It is shocking but the truth be told; it is scientifically proven that women desire sex when they are drunk than when they are sober. Some guys will even argue that the strongest of all aphrodisiacs for women is alcohol; ‘it can work miracles’ they say! But HOW? This scientific fact sounds absurd, but why do women desire sex when drunk? Here are scientific facts about the ability of alcohol to make women ‘hornier’ than you ever thought.

When drinking alcohol your body undergoes various psychological changes in various stages that make sexual behavior to vary divergently!  Regardless of whether the woman is a stranger or not it is possible to have sex with a drunken woman and the next day she can barely recall your name or your face. The reason for this deviant sexual behavior boils down to this scientific explanation.

Increased Sexual Desire in women due to Hormonal Change

Actually when a woman is drinking alcohol they undergo the normal psychological change characterized by lack of

well defined or normal psychological behavior. Normally they will have psychological suppression but increased sexual urge. This result from alcohol intoxication that alters the normal levels of a hormone called estradiol that is closely related to estrogen. 
Women also contain small levels of testosterone that is also elevated by alcoholic intoxication. In our bodies testosterone is responsible for increasing libido (sexual urge). Consequently this increases the libido in women. The high percentage of fat in women also comes to play since alcohol takes longer to get metabolized and more quick impact of alcohol is seen in women. This means that the increased sexual drive may last longer since alcohol is taking long to get metabolized in their body.

Drunken Women Achieve more and Intense Orgasms

When women are drunk they will react differently, for men they get depressed and may not desire sex. For women is it reported that they attain high BAC that is closely related to long and intense orgasms. Some researchers argue that women achieve more sexual arousal when drunk and increase sensational pleasure in the course of sexual intercourse and culminating to a mega orgasm. Whether these facts are to be believed or not remain a subject of debate but to a larger extent they are apparently TRUE!

As pundits would want to question the theory its important we note that the tool used to measure the extent of female orgasm is vaginal photoplethysmograph. A measure of the amount of blood in the vagina during the various stages. Obviously, increased blood volume would be indicative of arousal. 

Again it is arguable that women who are drunk are more relaxed than to be accommodative to sexual matters or advances. May be this is a good justification for chips funga being popular in Nairobi clubs and we can call it Chips funga Theory

As you can see this is a chain of reactions that make women to have increased libido. Now you know why women show increased sexual urge after imbibing a few bottles of liquor. Apparently this theory though scientific may not work across the board. Some women may react different but those are isolated cases, most women will have increased sexual drive when drunk. 

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